Airtel Iphone 7 Offer At Just RS 7,777

Airtel iPhone 7 offer of Rs 7,777


Airtel is offering customers iPhone 7 at a down payment of Rs. 7,777 under a new plan it has launched. The offer is exclusively available via the telecom operator’s new Online Store. On top of the down payment, Airtel requires customers to subscribe to its new Rs. 2,499 postpaid plan for 24 months to get their hands on iPhone 7 32GB. With this plan, the buyer would get 30GB data per month, handset damage protection, unlimited calls, and one free connection for a family member. The Apple iPhone 7 32GB retails for around Rs. 40,000 online these days.

So in total, an iPhone 7 buyer would end up paying a total of Rs. 59,976, plus the applicable taxes, in form of the installments. Add to this the Rs. 7,777 down payment, and you end up paying close to Rs. 70,000 for the handset over the two-year period.

For the iPhone 7 128GB, iPhone 7 Plus 32GB, and iPhone 7 Plus 128GB, the down payment is Rs. 16,300, Rs. 17,300, and Rs. 26,000, respectively. Of course, the Rs. 2,499 postpaid subscription for two years is applicable with these handsets as well.


Now, here’s what you need to know.

In the case of the 32GB iPhone 7, customers will need to make a down payment of Rs 7,777 and then pay 24 monthly installments of Rs 2,499. The installments come with built-in postpaid plan that offers 30GB data, unlimited calling (local, STD, national roaming), and Airtel Secure package that covers the device against physical damage and cyber theft.

Similarly, the 128GB iPhone 7 can be availed at Rs 16,300, the 32GB iPhone 7 Plus for Rs 17,300, and the 128GB iPhone 7 Plus 26,000, all of which come with the Rs 2,499 monthly installment cum postpaid plan. But is Airtel’s offer really beneficial for consumers in the long run? Let’s take a look first at how much one will need to pay for each variant in totality by the end of two years.

This model has not worked in India until now. The reason is that it is kind loaded against the consumers. By the time their contract with a telecom company expires they end up paying more than what they would otherwise pay for a phone and telecom services. At the same time they also end up losing flexibility of choosing the telecom operator. In the current case of the iPhone 7 and the Airtel offer of Rs 7,777 it is the same. As you will see below, if you go for the iPhone 7 at Rs 7,777 from Airtel Online store you will end up paying significantly more compared to how much you will pay if you buy the phone from the open market and then subscribe to an Airtel plan. In fact, the difference is significant at over Rs 10,000.

Now What you will need to pay by the end of 2 years via Airtel Online Store

iPhone 7 32GB

Rs 7,777 (down payment) + 24 x Rs 2,499 = Rs 67,753

iPhone 7 128GB

Rs 16,300 (down payment) + 24 x Rs 2,499 = Rs 76,276

iPhone 7 Plus 32GB

Rs 17,300 (down payment) + 24 x Rs 2,499 = Rs 77,276

iPhone 7 Plus 128GB

Rs 26,000 (down payment) + 24 x Rs 2,499 = Rs 85,976

The above is the cumulative amount for each of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus variants you will need to pay by the end of two years if you choose to buy it from the Airtel Online Store. As the company says, this not only includes the price of the phone but also monthly data benefits of 30GB and unlimited calling for 24 months.

If You Buy it From Any Other E-commerce site

iPhone 7 32GB

Rs 38,999 + 24 x Rs 649 = Rs 54,575

iPhone 7 128GB

Rs 49,999 + 24 x Rs 649 = Rs 65,575

iPhone 7 Plus 32GB

Rs 60,500 + 24 x Rs 649 = Rs 76,076

iPhone 7 Plus 128GB

Rs 63,999 + 24 x Rs 649 = Rs 79,575


Is it a good deal?

Let’s take the iPhone 7 32GB model for reference. The smartphone is available online for Rs 38,999. With Airtel’s bundled Rs 2,499 plan, you end up paying a total of Rs 67,753 in two years.

But in comparison, if you buy the same model on Amazon or Flipkart and avail a similarly priced monthly installment and bundle an equivalent postpaid plan, the price will come down to roughly Rs 75,000 for 24 months. (We referred HDFC’s Rs 2,433 monthly EMI plan on Amazon India for 18 months and Airtel’s Rs 649 postpaid plan.) With Airtel’s offer, you can save up to Rs 7,000.

While buying from other e-commerce websites gives you the liberty to switch to any network you want, Airtel’s offer includes future benefits such as an easy upgrade plan for newer iPhones. Also, the entry price for buying iPhone is less than Rs 8,000, which makes it easier for a larger number of people to buy it.

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